Twin Drills

Twin Drills

Twin Drills

An automatic drill press bests a handheld drill for precision, control, and overall productivity. Accuracy and reproducibility are the leading sellable traits of a drill press. A drill press can penetrate materials ranging from wood and glass to dense solids like metal with the right bits. A drill press operates vertically and relies on a reinforced steel base for stability.

The ideal work table for a drill press is adjustable to support many working angles for different projects. These bench-top versions are the most popular because they occupy little space, making them suitable for small workshops. Standalone versions are more suited to industrial applications where more complex tasks or materials are more rigid. The drill head holds the chuck spindle and bit. The motor connects to the spindle and turns it via a drive-belt mechanism and pulleys.


An automatic drilling machine supports different features. These include different speed settings to match the material and different bit types such as forstners, hole saws, brad-points, and spade bits. Modern drill presses drive belt systems with automatic tensioning allow fast, easy speed adjustments. They also have an alignment method for greater precision of the drill bits.

Drilling Bits

There is an inexhaustible array of specialty bits available for each state-of-the-art driller. These include bits for cutting mortises, square holes, drum sanding, riveting, tapping, and chipping. They use different materials depending on their intended purpose. High-speed steel is the most commonly used because it easily handles wood, plastic, and soft metals. Cobalt bits drill through rigid materials such as stainless steel. Due to their remarkable hardness, carbide tips are used more frequently in high-quality metal and masonry.


To make the most of your integrated auto driller, you need to create some jigs to streamline your processes. We can help you design a jig that makes your process go smoothly.

The Best Automated Drilling Press

It’s hard to recommend a singular press because of the variability of uses. The considerations to make when searching your next press include:

Capacity – Give regard to the tasks you intend for the drill – Do you need it to work fast, handle large loads, or withstand frequent use?

Accuracy – While a drill press is inherently accurate, evaluate your need for micro-adjustments for greater precision

Stroke Distance – How far can the drill bit travel during operation? The longer this distance, the more expensive the machine – This isn’t necessarily true of our AutoDrills because of the bigger loads it can handle in one shot. Large stroke distances are better for safety, convenience, and efficiency. We offer 1.5″ 4″ 5″ and 9″ stroke machines!

Power – The amount of power at your disposal determines the size of holes you can cut and the materials you can cut them in. Larger bits require more power.

AutoDrill has gained a reputation for providing excellent drilling and tapping solutions for manufacturers in the U.S. Please call us today at 1-800-871-5022 to order.

Twin Drills


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